From less than 50% to over 90% on-time. Lead-times through shop reduced from 10.9 days to 4.8 days.

From 69% to over 96% on-time.

Shipping increased 64% while profits increased 25%.

From 88 to 98% on-time with less chaos. Better and increased communication lead to a 15% increase in shipped dollars.

Reduced lead-times by as much as 75%, improved quality and added new business.

Shipped more, reduced lead-time and improved cash flow. Less scrap, better and increased communication has lead to happy customers.

Productivity improved 15%resulting in being able to respond faster than customers expect.

Table of Contents

Velocity Scheduling System Case Studies

Velocity Scheduling System case studies from just a few of the over 500 job shops, machine shops and custom manufacturers who have completed the 14 week Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.

Custom Job Shops and Machine Shops That Have Completed the Velocity Scheduling System

If your deadlines are critical or on time delivery KPI is important, then you may benefit from working with a shop that has successfully completed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program. These shops have substantially improved their due date performance and are now typically outperforming their peers in on-time delivery. Their lead-times will be competitive or slightly better than competitive on those due dates.

In addition to great quality, you will also find these companies have competitive pricing that goes along with their better performance. Why? Because they have increased job velocity through their shops. Your job spends less time “in process.” And, this also means that VSS shops are in better cash positions than shops that take longer to complete work.

Why wouldn’t you check out a VSS shop for your next job or project?  Here are just a few of the shops who have successfully completed VSS and have documented their stories:

Michigan Precision Machine Shop Scheduling Success Story


Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints Expert Dr. Lisa Lang Features a Michigan Precision Machine Shop Success Story

Robert Peuterbaugh, President of Joint Production Technology, shares his story of how the Velocity Scheduling System is helping his company to see increased production and profits.

Green Valley, AZ – December 29 – “Dr. Lisa” Lang, President of the Science of Business and Theory of Constraints expert, is proud to share another client job shop scheduling success story.  Robert Peuterbaugh, president of Joint Production Technology (JPT) in Macomb, Michigan.  Robert has utilized Dr. Lisa’s Velocity Scheduling System to improve productivity at his facility.

The Velocity Scheduling System is based on The Goal book and Theory of Constraints, but it has been adapted for highly custom job shops and machine shops whose constraint can move week-to-week or day-to-day.

Robert Peuterbaugh’s case study and success story (written by Mike Touzeau) can be found at

Here is an excerpt:

Providing high tech innovations for precision cutting, boring, and other applicable manufacturing functions for such big outfits as GM, Ford, TRW, and many others here and abroad, Peuterbaugh knows his operation inside out. Battling the downturn like everyone else, this seasoned leader has always investigated long-term remedies rather than groping for gimmicks, so he began to search for solutions.

“As things got worse, I looked at what would make things better,” he said.” I had followed Dr. Lisa’s emails for two years before signing up.”

He knew it would be important to improve productivity, so having read much of what Dr. Lisa had written on Velocity Scheduling System (VSS), he took the plunge, knowing many others wouldn’t.

“Sometimes you say that we’re good at what we do, so why change?”

“When I saw all the reasons,” he put it, “it all fit. That’s what got me to talk to her.”


He estimates between a 25 and 35 percent profit increase “directly attributable,” he says, to the changes his team instituted after starting the VSS program in February. Once the process started working, he recalls, his team stood in awe at the seamless flow, shipping each day with customers getting something every day.

“They just could not believe it.”

And another:

Robert Peuterbaugh’s story is probably not unlike your own. You worked hard to build a solid reputation with your customers. You want American manufacturing to be great, and though you’re a successful small or large operation, scheduling is still always an issue.

VSS is a system that creates a continuous flow in your operation so all your employees share in knowing what needs to be done and when.

A member of many manufacturing organizations, Robert Peuterbaugh works with local schools to promote manufacturing career education, and serves on the Board of Directors for Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association (TMTA).

CNC Machining  Shop Scheduling Success Story


Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints Expert Dr. Lisa Lang Shares Client Success Story

Tanya DiSalvo, President of Criterion Tool, shares her story of how her precision machine shop used Velocity Scheduling System to achieve record profits.

 Green Valley, AZ – November 14 – “Dr. Lisa” Lang, President of the Science of Business and Theory of Constraints expert, is proud to share one of many client success stories. Tanya DiSalvo is the President of Criterion Tool (founded in 1953) and an active member of both NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) and PMPA (Precision Metal Products Association).  Tanya has utilized Dr. Lisa’s Velocity Scheduling System at her machine shop to improve on-time delivery and reduce lead times.

Tanya DiSalvo’s case study and success story (written by Mike Touzeau) can be found at

Here is an excerpt:

“It’s so different from what we’ve seen in the world of manufacturing that it sounded too good to be true. At first as a team we couldn’t get our arms around it, but Dr. Lisa said she was going to give me my money back if it didn’t work, so we were going to do everything she said.”

They liked the homework, but several of her 30 employees, including her dad, who was then  consulting and observing as he neared retirement, bet some real cash against her that it wasn’t going to work.

“I was pretty sure they thought this was just another flavor of the month. Before VSS we were all frustrated,” she remembers, because they were always  trying to manage the “slop,” as she calls it—the jobs that got bogged down and often carried into the next month,  with select customers always suffering.

Once they saw how the system could facilitate movement of jobs, things started clicking.

“As we worked through the Velocity Scheduling process, we got more and more in control. We could focus our resources where we needed them the most. We didn’t have to monitor the jobs, the deadlines, the priorities anymore.”

“It was all the  same people just changing their focus.”

To learn specifically what Tanya did to improve her machine shop scheduling, watch a 47 minute webinar on “How to Get More Jobs Done Faster” at

Precision Machine Shop Improves On-time Delivery, Lead-times and Achieves Record Profits!

Tanya DiSalvo, President of Criterion Tool, shares her story of how her precision machine shop used Velocity Scheduling System to improve on-time delivery, reduce lead-times and how they achieved record profits by improving her job shop scheduling.

Read the story here:  Tanya_Success_Story

Tanya talks about how they went from good to great with a few bumps and challenges along the way.  Job shop scheduling and machine shop scheduling in custom shop can be a challenge.

Tanya is an active member of both NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) and PMPA (Precision Metal Products Association).


Criterion is a precision machine shop specializing in close tolerance (+/- .0002) Swiss Turning, CNC Turning and CNC Milling of precision components from prototype through production quantities.

Criterion has almost doubled the dollars out the door. If you ship twice as much without hiring anyone or buying any equipment — what happens to your profits?

Criterion was successful because they weren’t satisfied with where they were.  It was not okay to be just okay.  So they did something about it.  And as a result they are more than okay, in fact, they are better than the competition and have created a competitive advantage!

We finished off our fiscal year end 10/31….. could have never turned things around w/out the VSS.!!!!!! We finished the year in the black because ‘the board’ helped us focus on FINISHING! The last 6 months also saw a serious improvement in on time delivery, and an increase in the volume of orders thru our building… No job gets lost in the shuffle no matter how longs its in the building… THANK YOU!  Tanya DiSalvo


I just got an update from Tanya. Here it is:

SUBJECT: Our One Year Anniversary
“Welp it’s Criterion’s one year anniversary with the VSB (Velocity Scheduling System) and WE STILL love it!

A few major projects went thru our building: new product launch in Oct- Dec, another new product launch currently under way, reduction of staff thru attrition and increase in work, and in most cases we came thru with flying colors.
Attached is our score card. ”

Accenture just released a report in conjunction with the United Nations Global Compact called “A New Era of Sustainability.” The most significant finding was that 93% of the approximately 1,000 CEOs surveyed from across the globe indicated they believe sustainability is important to their companies’ future success.

So if sustainability is important to you, maybe the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program is a good fit. The Velocity Scheduling System that Tanya uses is based on the Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope. There are 1000s of success stories dating back to the 80s.

Build — Capitialize — Sustain. We agree that sustainability is important. The key is how to achieve it. The answer is simple — the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.

2020 UPDATEHow One Machine Shop Survived COVID-19 and Lessons Learned

Job Shop Scheduling Success Story: Big Company, Big Improvement and Big Employee Involvement!

Job Shop Scheduling Comments


Even the largest and most successful corporations want to improve delivery performance, which is what motivated Chicago Metallic Corporation (CMC), a world leader in custom architectural building products, to get on board with the Velocity Scheduling System (VSS), a system for custom job shop scheduling which brings all production people together on a daily basis to meet those challenges as a team.

Old school thinking often keeps workers on the floor out of the loop, and the byproduct can be boredom, which leads to apathy, which leads to slow or no improvement in performance.

Workers are very accustomed to and probably too comfortable with taking four or five assignments to the floor for their shift, says CMC production manager Bob Tunney, so they don’t like being pulled off one of those jobs once they started it. But that’s exactly what’s often necessary with VSS, since now everybody can readily see which jobs need to be attended to and which can be set aside for later.

Busy = Chaos and Stress.

“Even on our worst days, our delivery was 88 percent (which is VERY good for a highly custom job shop),” Tunney said, but when they got busy it was chaotic and stressful for everybody. They knew they could increase that number, so their senior people searched for a better way to schedule.

They signed up to learn the Velocity Scheduling System process after their purchasing manager saw the opportunity online.
Tunney explained, “We went to VSS looking for improving our scheduling and visibility of orders through the shop. We wanted a way to improve work through our constraints.”

“I envisioned this hi tech electronic scheduling board where everything would be automatic,” he said, “but the Velocity Board is a manual board and I like the idea that everybody is touching it. Employees feel more comfortable with that. Some people don’t like to touch technology.”

Read the rest of the story

Injection Molding Job Shop Reduces Lead-times 50% to 75%

Scheduling and improving the How to achieve job shop scheduling success.performance of a custom job shop can be challenging (to say the least).

Exothermic Molding, Inc., Kenilworth, New Jersey, is a 24 employee pioneer in reaction injection molding, doing business since 1972. They provide RIM parts to the medical, electronic and lab instrument markets.

Following an economic downturn, they found they were experiencing a somewhat ironic situation. Of course they’re happy to suddenly have so much new business all at once, but how do they keep up without adding excess overtime and weekends?

Job Shop Reduces Lead-Times

If the only way to deal with the new business is excess overtime, profits may not increase or not increase as much as they could…

Read the rest of the story

Visual Job Shop Scheduling Success – Case Study

Ohio Job Shop STOPS Focusing on Efficiency and Dramatically Improves with Velocity Scheduling System

Mound Laser and Photonics Center Inc. of Kettering OH, 

MLPC Kettering OHsuccessfully completed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program and their story was captured.  MLPC is a custom job shop focused on laser-based microfabrication for medical, automotive, microelectronics and defense industries, among others. They were already very successful, but wanted to take it to the next level.  They suspected that focusing on their scheduling could help them do that — and they were right!

The interesting thing about this story is the initial resistance to the very first step of implementing Velocity Scheduling System.  To say this this group was skeptical about cutting work in process and abandoning their efficiency mentality is an understatement.

You can read the full story here:  MLPC Success Story  (written by an independent reporter)

You can also check out the press release about their story which was picked up by over 218 news outlets at last count.  MLPC Press Release

Case Study: Job Shop Scheduling in a Reno Machine Shop

Increased productivity, increased flow and the ability to deliver FASTER than anyone expected (even the employees and most certainly their customers). 

job-shop-productivity-more-is-less-canstockphoto14536796 (c) Can Stock Photo

Read the entire case study here –> AD Hawk Inc Success Story

That’s the headline of this case study.  These claims aren’t usually made in reference to a custom job shop — but that’s exactly what happened.

These results are great in any manufacturing environment, but when you consider that we are talking about low volume, high mix manufacturing (a highly custom job shop) — there results are particularly impressing.

How was all this possible WITHOUT adding people or machines?

Velocity Scheduling System (VSS)

VSS is a visual, manual scheduling board and system that was designed for highly custom job shops and machine shops that operation in a high mix, low volume manufacturing environment.  In this environment your constraint can move week to week or even day to day.

Precision Machining VSS Case Study

Contour Tool Inc. did not think it was possible to improve their scheduling  to substantially improve due date performance or ship more with fewer people, but they did just that and more with the Velocity Scheduling System.

Read their full success story and check out their results, here:

This is not your typical drum buffer rope or Theory of Constraints success story.  Contour is a highly custom machine shop with lots of chaos, ever changing customer needs, a moving constraint and in short, an environment where job shop scheduling is tough.

Contour was just featured in Modern Machine Shop and they had this to say about Velocity Scheduling System:

Contour Precision Milling & Machine moved into a brand new facility in 2006. Two years later, that move almost seemed ill-considered. “We lost about 60 percent of our business overnight,” recalls Michelle Reichlin, CEO, about the economic downturn of 2008.

Thanks largely to a new approach to shop-floor scheduling (Velocity Scheduling System), the company is reportedly twice as productive and twice as profitable as it was before the move with less than half the employees (21 versus the 2007 peak of 48). Its average on-time delivery rating is 96 percent. CNC machining equipment on the 20,000-square-foot shop floor in North Ridgeville, Ohio, includes pallet-fed horizontal machining centers and five-axis vertical machining centers. Six new pieces of equipment have been purchased in the past 18 months alone, but debt is controlled, and the company is not highly leveraged, Ms. Reichlin says. She and the rest of the company’s leadership believe themselves better prepared than ever for whatever the future brings.

You can read the full article here:

Injection Molds and Mold Components Success Story

The rock stars at Cavaform International LLC proved that Velocity Scheduling System based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and Drum Buffer Rope WORKS!  After just 2 months Cavaform experienced a 2.6 X improvement in pieces shipped.

Ship Double

Cavaform International LLC Doubles Output in less than 2 months

I received another update at the end of April showing the results continued.  The units shipped went down by a few units but this was due to working fewer hours.  But their productivity/efficiency actually continued to improve.

Cavaform Doubles Productivity with Velocity Scheduling System

Cavaform Doubles Productivity with Velocity Scheduling System

So Cavaform has successfully uncovered capacity allowing them to substantially improve their due date performance.  From the data you can see that they did cut the time through their shop by more than half.  I haven’t asked them about the 3rd promise of VSS, chaos reduction, but I suspect that has also reduced.  I mean, they had time to send me this data.

Cavaform International concentrates on close tolerance injection molds and mold components for the plastics industry. Cavaform builds molds for the medical, lab disposables, home and personal care, packaging, writing instruments and cosmetic markets. Cavaform also specializes in Catheter tipping tool dies where ultra precision and high polish is required!

So if you need a new tool or a replacement, why would you go to the vendor that’s going to over promise and UNDER deliver when you could go to Cavaform?  Seems to me that Cavaform is the clear choice.

And Cavaform has also proved another thing I preach — that efficiency is an effect and NOT a prerequisite to improved performance.

Have you done the math?  What their ROI might be on the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program?  What would yours be if you doubled your output?

So what are YOU waiting for?  Think you’re s00o different this won’t work for you?  Maybe (and you can evoke the guarantee), but what if it does work for you?  Check out the FAQs and then if you still have questions, drop me line, pick up the phone, leave a question in the comment box, but don’t just wonder.

Custom Plastic Manufacturer implements Drum Buffer Rope

A custom polypropylene sheet and product manufacturer participated in the 14 week Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program that is based on the Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope — but modified for custom job shops and machine shops.  The drum buffer rope method has to be modified for custom job shops and machine shops because their constraint can move week to week or even day to day due to the high mix low volume nature of their business.

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, there are a number of job shop scheduling problems that makes “off the shelf” Theory of Constraints challenging.  But Velocity Scheduling was designed for these tough environments.

Job Shop Whisperer

Here’s what the custom plastic manufacturer had to say:

“You’ve heard of the ‘Horse Whisperer’ well Dr Lisa is the ‘Job Shop Whisperer‘.The Job Shop Whisperer

She has taught us to read the messages that our job shop has been communicating to us all along. Signs that our instincts and training have caused us to ignore.

Many of the things this program asks us to try are counter intuitive, but I would encourage everyone to have faith and try them because the downside risk to trying them is almost nothing.

The program is well thought out. It is structured in such a way that each week you gain insights from observing what is actually happening in your shop. This weekly epiphany is great because your team becomes motivated, inspired and committed to making more changes.

It sounds too good to be true, but it works. Our due date performance is currently tracking at 100%, 3 months in to the program. Our lead times are being maintained at market expectation and we are charging a premium for times that clients want things faster. Our job shop is calm and ordered with almost no visible work in process and our scheduler has cancelled his prescription for angina tablets.

The best part about the system is how easy it is to run and manage. Our team is able to get immediate feedback when things go wrong from simple measurements. The corrective actions required are obvious and have an immediate impact which helps develop peoples understanding. We are much more focused on doing the things that matter and stopping doing the things that don’t.”  Daniel Heerding, Megara

If you’d like to know if your custom job shop or machine shop is a good fit for Velocity Scheduling, watch the job shop scheduling webinar, then sign up for a free private strategy session.  The Job Shop Whisperer aka Dr Lisa will dive deep to determine if your shop is a good candidate for her job shop scheduling program.

The Velocity Scheduling System is one of the best examples of Theory of Constraints in action.  It’s the drum buffer rope concept simplified.  If you’re shop is in need of the Job Shop Whisperer — check out the webinar right now!

Qualitel Corp implements Velocity Scheduling System and wins Award!

Tuanhai Hoang, President, Qualitel Corporation is named Manufacturing Executive of the Year, large firms. Qualitel implemented Velocity Scheduling System (VSS)Tuanhai Hoang, president, Qualitel Corporation wins award after implementing Velocity Scheduling System. and reduced lead-times by 25%.  You can read the full article here: 

Qualitel is a custom electronics manufacturer making circuit boards and complex box assemblies for aerospace, medical, industrial and military customers.  Like most custom manufacturers they struggled to reduce lead-times.  With VSS they were able to reduce lead-times by more than 25%.  Now they are focused on the continuous improvement aspects of Velocity Scheduling System.

Precision Components Manufacturer achieves Job Shop Scheduling Success!

Profile Grinding is a manufacturer of precision components providing manufacturing solutions combining machining capabilities, innovation, engineering, and experienced, dedicated employees.   They serve many different industries including durable and capital goods, hydraulics, transportation, aerospace, and automotive. They work in all types of materials including mild, alloy, stainless steels, brass, bronze, plastics, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, and exotics.

And like any highly custom job shop they wanted to further improve on-time delivery and reduce chaos which is why they signed up for the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.

Here’s what they had to say:

Dramatic increase in on-time delivery, dramatic reduction in chaos. The shop floor personnel really seem to like the system. Involving the entire work force really improves the quality and quantity of solutions to a given problem. 

Profile Grinding

Custom Engineered Parts Job Shop Scheduling Success!

Skunk2 Racing engineers and builds the highest quality and best performing aftermarket parts for today’s sport compact cars.

Dr. Lisa has provided us with a flexible shop “Operating System” that has provided many benefits to both our engineering and production departments. Chaos is down; visibility and speed through the shop are up. This allows management to make clearer decisions for both product planning and overall corporate strategy. I would definitely recommend the Velocity Scheduling System to other shops that know that they should be doing better. Dr. Lisa has the experience to show you how.

Skunk2 Racing

Tool & Die Shop Scheduling Success!

Penn State Tool & Die is a manufacturer of specialized products for a multitude of industries. Participating in both commercial and defense related projects, they do machining and fabrication for Navy and Commercial Nuclear Programs; Navy and Commercial Shipbuilding; Navy and Commercial Nuclear Refueling; Handling and Storage Equipment; Aircraft and Aerospace Industries; Defense and Commercial Research and Development Programs; Gas Turbine Installations; Utility and energy Companies; and The Valve Industry.

I have seen a serious improvement in the past two months for on Time Delivery, and less chaos thru out the Shop. We have cut our “Work In Process” by 40% as far as I can tell and no Job is getting lost in the shuffle no matter how long it’s on the floor. So as you can see we have a way to go, but I know we are on the right track. 

Ralph Ciacco
Penn State Tool & Die

Custom Machine Manufacturer gets results with Velocity Scheduling System!

Bent River Machine, Inc. designs, builds, tests, delivers, and installs factory automation for companies in several different markets to help manufacturers become more efficient. Bent River also produces a custom line of photovoltaic, flat panel laminators, low flow pumps, conveyors, handlers, valves, and pick and place systems. They work at being a valued part of their customer’s team, through current designs and custom automation. They strive to be much more than simply a print-to-part machine shop, they are here to help your business expand and grow by leveraging the power of automation.

They wanted to be able to serve more customers and to be able to deliver their high quality machines in less time. The faster they can deliver, the faster their customers can start gaining the benefits of Bent River automation. So they turned to the Velocity Scheduling System to schedule their custom machine shop.

Here’s what they had to say:

All the Velocity boards are up and running. For the very first time in the history of Bent River we delivered a “new to the world” designed machine in the nano technology industry ahead of schedule and to budget. We have never done a project of that scope that well before. It only benefited by about half its life under Velocity, and it still made a REAL difference! Thank you! 

Norela Harrington

Job Shop Goes from Good to Great!

And how this shop that was 95% on time and only took 3.4 days to go through the shop when they STARTED still got benefits from the program:

Custom Injection Molding Job Shop Scheduling Success!

Crescent Industries is a supplier of custom injection molded thermoplastic products ranging in quantities from prototype to high volume.

The Velocity Scheduling System has become the centerpiece of our tool shop. The simplicity of administration and visual nature of the system has been received well by the shop. Jobs are finishing faster and deliveries are improving thanks to the VSS Coaching Program. 

Eric Paules
Crescent Industries

Oil & Gas Job Shop Scheduling Success!

Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world.
Check out this email.


This is the best system for Manufacturing that I have encountered. This is our next step in the cables shop and covers the entire value stream.

It is a web based course that you take 2 hours twice a week for a month and the person walks you through your specific implementation and helps you through the problems.

We are currently finishing the training and building the new board.

Trust me I have seen and implemented many JIT, Lean Six Sigma systems in the past and this is the best.

I have copied Dr. Lisa the creator and facilitator of the program. She is top notch. As well I am attaching one of her free reports on how the system compares with other systems.


Luis Fernandez
Manufacturing Engineer IPC-Cables

Maintenance Overhaul & Repair (MRO) Shop Improves Scheduling!

This testimonial is from a custom machine shop that does some repeat work, repair jobs (off site and on site), maintenance, completely new stuff, and provide resources for shut downs.

Dr. Lisa, Thanks to your program Velocity Scheduling System Gulf has improved Delivery times, reduced rework, improved team work, improved cash flow, and it has really impressed our customers with such a planning system they can actually follow the progress of their job as it progresses threw the shop. The reduction in chaos has to be one of the best benefits to the program. No more putting out fires all the time. The proper planning and scheduling has really improved this aspect of our operation. This would be great for any shop to consider…….as long as it’s not my competition! Thanks again and we are looking forward to the Mafia Offer Program next Month.
Vint Massimini Gulf Engineering Co. President

Gulf Engineering’s Machine Shop can handle the biggest repair jobs, particularly on rotating and reciprocating equipment. Gulf can balance rotating equipment in the field or in our shop. We can do your welding jobs, machining, boring, grinding, turning or any other operation on the biggest equipment. Our field services can do many milling jobs at your site. Gulf can manufacture your parts from a drawing or a prototype or we can make your prototype. Gulf Engineering is an authorized service center for Lawrence Pumps.

Custom Machine Builder Improves Scheduling!

This is a custom machine builder. They machine, fabricate and assemble (with lots of purchased components) big machines for the concrete paving industry, canal construction equipment, bucket wheel trenchers, and other special equipment.

After trying different solutions, included expansive scheduling software with years of implementation required, we finally found a system which delivers what promised! We reduced dramatically (about 30%) our already good manufacturing lead times, have a stable and reliable schedule and everybody in the plant knows what to work on at any point in time. There are so many great things about the VSSC but the key is that it’s really fun and easy to implement because it engages the organization as a whole. Thanks Dr. Lisa!

Alessandro Bernacchia Manufacturing Manager Guntert & Zimmerman
Guntert & Zimmerman

Precision Machining Aerospace Shop is now Exceeding Expectations!

Paramount Machine has extensive experience with materials ranging from aluminum to titanium and aircraft alloys to Inconel. Their products are used in applications as diverse as commercial and military aircraft, critical life-support equipment, and space exploration

Before starting the Velocity Scheduling System our on time delivery was about 68%. After implementation of the system we’re currently running at 100% OTD. The velocity board has been a great tool that provides visibility not only to myself but everyone in the shop. Daily 5 minute meetings keep everyone informed of how jobs are running and if there any problems. This system has been a great help and we are very happy with the results. 

Richard Pothier
Paramount Machine

This shop dramatically improved their due date performance, enhanced communication and reduced chaos! And they dramatically reduced their lead-time, but listen to what Butch likes best about the Velocity Scheduling System:

Job Shop Scheduling for a Custom Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

Here’s yet another Velocity Scheduling System testimonial.  This highly custom job shop makes custom material handling equipment.

“We have reduced the time that it takes for a job to go through the shop.  It helped us get control of the schedule, by reducing the scramble of jobs in the shop.  Now we do them in order and everyone in the company knows when to expect a job to be worked on and ready to ship.”  Steve, WI.

If you browse the various VSS testimonials, case studies, and results that custom job shops have reported you’ll discover that none of the VSS clients are making widgets. None of these shops are doing high volume work of the same widgets over and over. One thing that VSS clients have in common is that they do NOT produce the same things over and over again.  While some jobs, may on occasion, repeat for some of them (or they may make a few things to stock), others don’t do any repeat work at all.

Job shop scheduling in a custom manufacturing shop is a challenge, to say the least!  But it is this environment that Velocity Scheduling System was developed for.

You’ll also notice that in some of the testimonials the specific shop is NOT identified.  Why?  Well, Steve in WI and many others don’t want their competitors to know how they’ve managed to gain a competitive advantage.  How is it that they can get more jobs done faster with the same people and resources?  How is it that they’ve improved on time delivery?  How are they more cash flush and more profitable?

To get the results that Steve got or that any of our clients have gotten, you don’t need any job shop scheduling or drum buffer rope software.  VSS is NOT software.  It is a manual, visual scheduling system.  It will work with any ERP software you may use, no ERP, QuickBooks, Excel or whatever software you’re using now.

Custom Heat Exchange & Tank Manufacturer Improves Dramatically!

This shop fabricates (new and repairs) custom heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

Since the introduction of your velocity concept, we’ve seen an average of 5 jobs ship per week, which was about 1 every two weeks prior to the VSS Coaching (that’s 10 X more job done). Our backlog has gone from an average of 55 jobs to around 20 (while sales remained constant). We’ve also reached 100% on-time performance for all new jobs booked since the VSS Coaching began. Another benefit realized is a steadier invoicing outflow and cash inflow. 

Rick Lightcap

Shop Scheduling for Fabricators

Wouldn’t it be great to improve your due date performance to 100%, reduce the chaos and add $900,000 to your bottom line in less than 3 months like Ricky discusses in this video?

Tanya DiSalvo recommends Velocity Scheduling System

Tanya DiSalvo, Criterion ToolThanks for reading my case study.  I had fun sharing our story about how we improved our scheduling.

As you know we have achieved great success.  I highly recommend you check it out the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.  It’s designed specifically for highly custom machine shops like ours.

Sign up for Dr Lisa’s free webinar to get a overview of VSS.  In just 47 minutes she covers how you can get on-time and get more jobs done faster.

Don’t put it off — you may not think it’s possible and neither did we — but it works!  There is an option to watch it right NOW.  It’s only 47 minutes.

Tanya DiSalvo

President, Criterion Tool


P.S.  Did you read The Goal by Goldratt like I did but had no idea how to actually do any of it?  Before you go tying employees together with a rope, watch the webinar, then talk to Dr Lisa.  VSS is step by step HOW to actually do what you read in The Goal.

You may also want to check out Dr Lisa’s free report called “The 9 Challenges to Scheduling Your Job Shop and Why Your Schedule is Dead on Arrival”.  I think she was hiding out in my shop when she wrote it.

UPDATE:  Tanya is a Manufacturing Institute STEP Honoree after implementing Velocity Scheduling System.




Typical results for the Velocity Scheduling System include: 1. substantial improvement in due date performance; 2. substantial reduction in lead-time; and 3. improved communication and reduced chaos. How substantial depends on where you start, but typical results are to achieve over 95% due date performance, time through the shop cuts in half, and of course there is no measurement for chaos but participants have reported improvement in communication and a reduction in chaos. None of the people who provided testimonials were compensated for doing so. You should know that you may not get these results and you could lose money by investing in this program and not getting results, however this is not our experience.  See our Earnings Disclaimer.

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