9 Challenges to Scheduling Your Job Shop and Why Your Schedule is Dead on Arrival!

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Job Shop Scheduling ebook

In the “9 Challenges” job shop scheduling ebook PDF Dr Lisa Lang, a top Theory of ConstraintsWho is using Velocity Scheduling System? expert, explains why it’s so hard to schedule your shop.

The job shop scheduling ebook  PDF covers …
  • The 9 challenges an problems custom job shops and machine shops encounter and have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Exactly why is it so difficult to schedule a custom job shop to be 100% on-time.
  • A job shop scheduling example that explains why no software, job shop scheduling algorithms or job shop scheduling in Excel works.
  • What the biggest productivity stealers and challenges in a custom job shop or machine shop are.
  • What the typical improvement approaches (including job shop scheduling software) are and why they DON’T work.

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Job Scheduling ebook

In the “Job Shop Scheduling SECRETS”, a job scheduling eBook PDF, Dr Lisa explains the secret to getting on time and reducing lead times.

This  job shop scheduling ebook PDF report covers …
  • Where most job shops go wrong in their approach to scheduling using traditional job scheduling tools.
  • The SECRET to scheduling a custom job shop is revealed.
  • How you can use this secret to reduce your lead time and improve your on time delivery.
  • What you can do TOMORROW to start improving your performance and job shop production scheduling!

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