Scheduling eBook/PDF: “The 9 Challenges to Scheduling Your Job Shop and

Why Your Schedule is Dead on Arrival”

(Learn about Drum Buffer Rope for custom job shops and machine shops!) 

9 Challenge to Scheduling Your Job Shop and Why Your Scheduling is Dead on Arrival
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In the “9 Challenges” job shop scheduling eBook PDF, Dr Lisa Lang, a top Theory of Constraints expert explains why it’s so hard to schedule custom job shops and machine shops.

The job shop scheduling ebook  PDF covers …

  • The 9 challenges and problems custom job shops and machine shops encounter and have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Exactly why is it so difficult to schedule a custom job shop to be 100% on-time.
  • A job shop scheduling example that explains why no software, job shop scheduling algorithms or job shop scheduling in Excel works.
  • What the biggest productivity stealers and challenges in a custom job shop or machine shop are.
  • What the typical improvement approaches (including job shop scheduling software) are and why they DON’T work.
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Who's using Velocity Scheduling System?

"Exceeded expectations!! Admittedly, I was a skeptic. How could a manual program help a company schedule and execute hundreds of work tickets at a time? Certainly, such a program would be overwhelmed! The only thing overwhelmed is how pleased I am with results of the Velocity Scheduling System! Does this sound familiar? We would flood our plant floor with urgent work tickets. Tickets would get started and then sit around for, maybe, weeks. Parts were made would get lost . . . thrown out? Completed part counts were wrong. Work tickets marked as complete . . . weren’t. And, the list of woes could go on. Each and every one of these phenomenon were quickly solved with the Velocity Scheduling System. We now have complete control over our plant. Our work tickets are able to be tracked and product can be easily located in the plant. We know when a work ticket is done and the quality with which each ticket is completed is better than in our company’s history! Work tickets are completed faster and with more accuracy than ever could have been imagined. The plant loves working with the Velocity Scheduling System and strives to get work tickets completed on time and with great quality. It has brought us together as a team! It took Dr. Lisa to bring to the plant floor with great clarity what Eli Goldratt was really trying to get us to understand in “The Goal”. Great job, Dr. Lisa!! We are completely thrilled with our results!!" Gary Arkin