Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Eliyahu M Goldratt


To read this 2008 article by Dr Eliyahu M Goldratt, just click the link below. The hand written comments in the article were provided for Velocity Scheduling System clients. VSS is a visual scheduling system for highly custom job shops and machine shops –so keep that in mind as you read the comments.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Eliyahu M Goldratt

This article provides the Lean and Theory of Constraints productions concepts versus application and is a great insight into the similarities and difference between TOC and Lean.

If you have any questions or comments about the article or the handwritten comments, please leave them below.

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manjunath doddasomanahally siddegowda

Dear Sir I am a Textile engg from indian institue of technology delhi. I am progressive resource team member of goldratt consulting inc from INDIA.I am focussing on application of TOC from yarn to retail ( spinning,weaving,processing,garmenting and retail ).I would like to have asssociation with GC .Thanking you

Manjunath D.S.



This shows an impressive knowledge of the actual difficulties to implement Lean into an unstable High Mix Low Volume production environment .
Reading enthousiastic reports upon Lean implementation into medium size companies in France I had my doubts considering my 40 years of field experience with unstability. And also when discussing with production people faking enthousiasm but providing no concluding facts….
The author confirms there is a potential market for really adapting Lean principles to actual High Mix Low Volume production environment.


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