FAQ:  Can I see some Velocity Scheduling System board examples?

A Velocity Board is a visual scheduling board.  There is not a standard Velocity Board.  And that’s because the VSS Velocity Board is way better than a typical scheduling board.   Part of the 14 week Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program is to customize your Velocity Board for your unique situation.

Remember that list of job shop scheduling problems and challenges?  YOUR Velocity Board has to be customized for your shop.  The size of your board and what goes on it, is all very specific to your shop.

Velocity Scheduling System Board Examples

The one common aspect of all Velocity Boards is that they are green, yellow, and red — our priority system.  Highest priority is red, then yellow, then green.  The way it works is unlike any board you’ve ever used.  It’s not the typical production scheduling board, lean scheduling board, or scheduling white board.  It’s a totally different Velocity Scheduling System Board Examplesanimal.  Other visual scheduling boards examples will NOT be the same.

The key to a good visual system is that at a glance your operators will know what to work on next, managers will know if jobs are on schedule or behind schedule.  It will be obvious if operators are working out of priority order, if you have a constraint, or even if an outside vendor is late.

What is a Velocity Board?

The Velocity Board is a big physical visual scheduling board that is typically out in the shop.  The Velocity Board shows all the jobs currently in process so everyone can easily see what they should work on next.  But putting this up is NOT the first step in implementing the Velocity Scheduling System.  Everyone’s always enamored with the Velocity Board — and it is really cool.  But it’s only a part of the complete scheduling boards systems.

With a good production scheduling board — like the Velocity Board, nothing can hide and nothing can fall through the cracks.  Communication is substantially enhanced.  And this board along with the rest of Velocity Scheduling System create a REAL system.  Gone are the days of one person scheduling in their head or only one person who knows what’s going on — that’s NOT a system!

The other board we used is called a To Be Released board.  On this board are the jobs, in priority release order, waiting for their turn to be released.  On this board we are monitoring the status of full kit — visually.  This board also has to be customized for your unique situation.



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