TLS: Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma – Better Together

This APICS magazine article provides the results of a test of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Six Sigma (TLS) across 21 plants.

Lean accounted for 4% of the savings realized. Six Sigma accounted for 7% of the savings. But Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Six Sigma, when used together, accounted for 89% of the savings!

And if you read between the lines — Theory of Constraints is responsbile for the majority of the results. However, all of them together are even better!

Read for youself …

Continuous Improvement Trio: The top elements of TOC, lean and six sigma make beautiful music together

As you read the article you see that the Velocity Scheduling System POOGI process is perfectly design to take advantage of TLS!

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