Tanya DiSalvo recommends Velocity Scheduling System

Tanya DiSalvo, Criterion ToolFrom the desk of Tanya DiSalve

RE:  How to Improve Job Shop Scheduling

Thanks for reading my case study.  I had fun sharing our story about how we improved our scheduling.

As you know we have achieved great success.  I highly recommend you check it out the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.  It’s designed specifically for highly custom machine shops like ours.

Sign up for Dr Lisa’s free webinar to get a overview of VSS.  In just 47 minutes she covers how you can get on-time and get more jobs done faster. 

Don’t put it off — you may not think it’s possible and neither did we — but it works!  There is an option to watch it right NOW.  It’s only 47 minutes.

Tanya DiSalvo

President, Criterion Tool


P.S.  Did you read The Goal by Goldratt like I did but had no idea how to actually do any of it?  Before you go tying employees together with a rope, watch the webinar, then talk to Dr Lisa.  VSS is step by step HOW to actually do what you read in The Goal.

You may also want to check out Dr Lisa’s free report called “The 9 Challenges to Scheduling Your Job Shop and Why Your Schedule is Dead on Arrival”.  I think she was hiding out in my shop when she wrote it.

UPDATE:  Tanya was a Manufacturing Institute TEP Honoree after implementing Velocity Scheduling System.