Custom Job Shops and Machine Shops That Have Completed the Velocity Scheduling System


If your deadlines are critical, then you may benefit from working with a shop that has successfully completed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program. These shops have substantially improved their due date performance and are now typically outperforming their peers in on-time delivery. Their lead-times will be competitive or slightly better than competitive on those due dates.

In addition to great quality, you will also find these companies have competitive pricing that goes along with their better performance. Why? Because they have increased job velocity through their shops. Your job spends less time “in process.” And, this also means that VSS shops are in better cash positions than shops that take longer to complete work.

Why wouldn’t you check out a VSS shop for your next job or project?

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VSS Company We specialize in … We serve … VSS Accomplishments
Contour Tool, Inc. (N. Ridgeville, OH)  specialty cutting tools and short-medium run production machining services and assemblies.  aerospace and medical components industries. From 69% to over 96% on-time.  Read Contour’s full velocity story.
Criterion Tool (Brookpark, OH)  CNC milling, turning and Swiss turning to tolerances of +/- .0002.  medical, aerospace, electronic and commercial industries.  From less than 50% to over 90% on-time.  Lead-times through shop reduced from 10.9 days to 4.8 days.  Read Criterion’s full story.
Joint Production Technology (Macomb, MI)  being a total capability supplier of cutting tools designed and built or repaired to customer specification.  manufacturing solutions for companies around the globe including, GM, Ford, TRW, and others. Shipping increased 64% while profits increased 25%.  Read JPT’s full story.
AD Hawk Inc (Reno, NW)

 machining for everything from the size of a pea to a breadbox.

aerospace, medical, military, electronics, etc. across America and abroad. Productivity improved 15%resulting in being able to respond faster than customers expect.   Read AD Hawk’s full story.
Chicago Metallic Corporation Chicago Metallic is a global provider of architectural building products and services – including metal panels and ceiling systems, suspended grid systems, and
acoustical and sustainable ceiling panels.
Our manufacturing facilities and distribution channels are located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

 From 88 to 98% on-time with less chaos. Better and increased communication lead to a 15% increase in shipped dollars. Read Chicago Metallic’s full story.

Mound Laser & Photonics Center, Inc. MLPC offers complete laser processing solutions beginning at the prototyping phase through contact manufacturing. Core competencies include laser welding, laser microcutting, laser micromachining, and laser marking. MLPC manufacturing facilities are located in Dayton OH. They serve the medical and defense industries amoung others.

Shipped more, reduced lead-time and improved cash flow. Less scrap, better and increased communication has lead to happy customers. Read MLPC’s full story.

Exothermic Molding, Inc. Exothermic is a leading provider of Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) parts. Exothermic manufacturing facilities are located in Kenilworth, NJ. They serve the medical, electronic, and lab instrument markets.

Reduced lead-times by as much as 75%, improved quality and added new business. Read Exothermic’s full story.