GPI WEBINAR Replay: How to Get More Jobs Done Faster

This replay will be available through January 2016.  To take advantage of the GPI negotiated scholarship (for GPI members only) for the Velocity Scheduling System program please watch prior to then and sign up for the free private session mentioned at the end of the webinar.

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Dr Lisa Lang (known as Dr Lisa) will be your webinar facilitator. She is a Theory of Constraints expert and recently worked for Goldratt Consulting owned by Dr Eliyahu M Goldratt, author of The Goal and father of Theory of Constraints. Dr Lisa developed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program to hand hold companies through the process of implementing the Theory of Constraints scheduling technique called Drum Buffer Rope.

Dr. Lisa” Lang was named the Manufacturing Trendsetter” in the USA Today, and “Manufacturing Champion” in Newsweek.   She has also appeared in CBSNews’, Wall Street Journal’s, Yahoo,,,, The Boston, The Miami,, and others being highlighted for her work with improving job shops.

By the end of this webinar, you will know what EXACTLY to go do to get on time starting tomorrow! The biggest question AFTER the webinar you are about to watch is -- will Velocity Scheduling System work for me, my company and our unique situation?

Well it worked like a dream for these companies:

q startWe finished off our fiscal year end 10/31….. could have never turned things around w/out the VSS.!!!!!! We finished the year in the black because ‘the board’ helped us focus on FINISHING! The last 6 months also saw a serious improvement in on time delivery, and an increase in the volume of orders thru our building… No job gets lost in the shuffle no matter how longs its in the building… THANK YOU! q end

Tanya DiSalvo

q startDr. Lisa, Thanks to your program Velocity Scheduling System Gulf has improved Delivery times, reduced rework, improved team work, improved cash flow, and it has really impressed our customers with such a planning system they can actually follow the progress of their job as it progresses threw the shop. The reduction in chaos has to be one of the best benefits to the program. No more putting out fires all the time. The proper planning and scheduling has really improved this aspect of our operation. This would be great for any shop to long as it’s not my competition! Thanks again and we are looking forward to the Mafia Offer Program next Month. q end

Vint Massimini Gulf Engineering Co. President

q startAfter trying different solutions, included expansive scheduling software with years of implementation required, we finally found a system which delivers what promised! We reduced dramatically (about 30%) our already good manufacturing lead times, have a stable and reliable schedule and everybody in the plant knows what to work on at any point in time. There are so many great things about the VSSC but the key is that it’s really fun and easy to implement because it engages the organization as a whole. Thanks Dr. Lisa! q end

Alessandro Bernacchia Manufacturing Manager Guntert & Zimmerman

So if you'd like a private strategy session (after you've watched the webinar) to discuss your company, your unique scheduling challenges and the best scheduling solution for you, you can sign up here:

You'll need to enter your name and phone number so that we can call you to schedule a time to talk. Dr Lisa is personally doing these sessions and she will dig deep into YOUR scheduling issues, so time slots are limited.

Here is some more feedback from shops:

q startSince the introduction of your velocity concept, we've seen an average of 5 jobs ship per week, which was about 1 every two weeks prior to the VSS Coaching (that’s 10 X more job done). Our backlog has gone from an average of 55 jobs to around 20 (while sales remained constant). We've also reached 100% on-time performance for all new jobs booked since the VSS Coaching began. Another benefit realized is a steadier invoicing outflow and cash inflow. q end

Rick Lightcap

q startOvertime has been reduced by 75% while increasing OTD to 95% through this period… q end

Steve Fleissner

q startWe decreased the time it takes to get a job to get thru the shop. Using the visual VSS board gives all the employees a chance to see what is going on. q end

John Popescu

q startThis is the best system for manufacturing that I’ve encountered… Trust me I have seen and implemented many JIT, Lean Six Sigma systems in the past and this is the best…. Dr. Lisa, the creator and facilitator of the program, is top notch. q-end

Luis Fernandez, Schlumberger

q startThe Velocity Scheduling System has become the centerpiece of our tool shop. The simplicity of administration and visual nature of the system has been received well by the shop. Jobs are finishing faster and deliveries are improving thanks to the VSS Coaching Program. q end


q startBefore starting the Velocity Scheduling System our on time delivery was about 68%. After implementation of the system we're currently running at 100% OTD. The velocity board has been a great tool that provides visibility not only to myself but everyone in the shop. Daily 5 minute meetings keep everyone informed of how jobs are running and if there any problems. This system has been a great help and we are very happy with the results. q end

Richard Pothier

q startAfter completion of the course our on-time delivery has improved from 68% to 95%. Using the VSS principals our goal is 100% by year end! q end

Tim Merrifield

q startDr. Lisa has provided us with a flexible shop "Operating System" that has provided many benefits to both our engineering and production departments. Chaos is down; visibility and speed through the shop are up. This allows management to make clearer decisions for both product planning and overall corporate strategy. I would definitely recommend the Velocity Scheduling System to other shops that know that they should be doing better. Dr. Lisa has the experience to show you how.q end


q startIdentifying bottlenecks and decreasing work in process definitely helped improve throughput. q end


q startThe program has helped reduce the chaos in our shop. The communication has dramatically improved to help the work flow through the shop. q end

Overton Industries

q startVelocity Scheduling is an amazing program. It teaches you about your process, helps you find out what are the major issues and focuses on one common goal for everyone, improving flow. q end


q startOur business has suffered from low sales for a number of months. A business review recommended that we install a visual job scheduling system that could be understood and implemented by the shop floor employees. The VSS system satisfied this admirably. The large display is very clear and it is obvious to see the jobs that are progressing, delayed, late, etc. It has changed the focus to completing jobs rather than starting jobs that then progress slowly because of the backlog of work in process. The supervisors were doubtful at first about whether this system would work but were willing to try it out to achieve some improvements. The reduction in time required to complete a job has now been translated into our quoting system so that I can quote a lower number of hours to complete the task, hence a lower price for the customer which gives more sales and a higher throughput. More improvements will happen as our sales increase. Do I want to give away my competitive advantage and tell other shops of how to achieven more work faster? - Not likely! q end

Rob Mantach

q startI have seen a serious improvement in the past two months for on Time Delivery, and less chaos thru out the Shop. We have cut our "Work In Process" by 40% as far as I can tell and no Job is getting lost in the shuffle no matter how long it's on the floor. So as you can see we have a way to go, but I know we are on the right track. q end


q startUpon implementing the VSS, we noticed the following benefits: reduced WIP by more than 50%, learned we can do more with much less, and we increased visibility for project management and production that has led to a reduced cash flow cycle and happier customers! I recommend the VSS for any job shop that struggles with managing schedules, inventory, and chaos within the manufacturing environment. If you sign on with Dr. Lisa, she will give you the tools you need to get it under control and achieve outstanding results. Thank you, Dr. Lisa! q end

Matt Groves