PDF with an in-depth look at the differences between conventional scheduling, Traditional DBR, Simplified DBR (S-DBR), and the Velocity Scheduling System (VSS).

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What is the difference between conventional wisdom and “off the shelf TOC”?

And how are those different from the Velocity Scheduling System (VSS)?

This special report answers these questions.

Understanding why it’s so difficult to schedule our shops today is the first step toward implementing a solution for YOUR shop!

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Dear Job Shop Owner,


What’s the 1 thing you should be working on in operations today? What’s the thing that is going to do the most for your bottom line? What’s the 1 thing that is going to enhance your Mafia Offer or improve your ability to deliver to clients?


In the Velocity Scheduling System we determine the 1 thing by using Buffer Statistics. Every time we go into the red zone of the buffer (which is 5% of the time or less) we find out why. And, after a while we have a good list. We paraeto that list and go after the biggest reason we are going into the red zone — the 1 thing we should be working on.


Ricky talked about his one thing in the video at www.VelocitySchedulingSystem.com/about/.


This 1 thing is the biggest thing that slows your velocity. This is THE biggest source of variability from the 9 Challenges we found.


To give you an idea of why this focus is so important. Consider the Visa check card commercial. (<–Click to watch.)


Everything is moving along nicely. Velocity is good. Then, one guy wants to pay with cash and the whole operation grinds to a halt. The reason for going into the red zone — it took too long to collect payment.


Continuing with this Visa example if we can reduce the time it takes to collect payment then our Velocity increases which means we can process more sales during the same amount of time. So if we can sell more, then our profits go up. If we have a market constraint, we can use this improvement to get more sales.


For example we might say “Get in and out with your breakfast in 1 minute or it’s free.” And this offer may allow us to gain more customers.


How? If there were 2 breakfast places, competitively priced, and you were in a hurry — which one would you choose?


That’s why we are starting with the VSS Coaching Program. Let’s improve your operations then let’s create a Mafia Offer!