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Drum Buffer Rope

by June 4

Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope By Dr Lisa Lang This article is copyrighted by Science of Business, Inc. 2016 Visit our Re-post guidelines. Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) was developed by Eliyahu M. Goldratt (Eli Goldratt), the father of Theory of Constraints.  His book The Goal tells a story of a plant manager applying the drum buffer rope concepts. The drum […]

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The secret to improving operations is …

by July 10

By Dr Lisa Lang … changing your patterns. The patterns — including our policies, procedures and measures — we use to run our machine shops / job shops are perfectly getting us the results we are currently getting. So if we want to improve, we have to change our patterns. We have to change what and how we do things. […]

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Video 4 – Feb 2009 NTMA Keynote

by March 4

Want to see my NTMA speech (from last week) titled — Maximizing Profitability in Uncertain Times? I covered how to increase sales with a Mafia Offer and why operational improvements are needed to deliver the offer and how you have to challenge your thinking to put this all together to really MAXIMIZE your PROFITS. I was the last speaker at […]

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Video 3 – Implementing the Velocity Scheduling System

by March 1

In this 30 minute video I give you an overview of what’s included in the VSS and how the coaching program will work. Then I interview a VSS Coaching Program client. This client was the LAST to get results during our last coaching program. But wait until you hear the results! And Ricky discloses an idea he used after cutting […]

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Be Unreasonable! – how to solve the job shop scheduling problem

by February 11

The Solution to Job Shop Scheduling In this second video in route to launching our Velocity Scheduling System we talk about the solution — what should be we doing? And at the end I tell you exactly what to do as the first step. If you don’t do this first step, there is no point in taking a seat in […]

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What You Accept You Get – job shop scheduling problems

by February 1

Why are balancing capacity, efficiency and cost accounting EVIL? And what do you need to do to improve your shop? Watch this video. Please tell me what you think of the video (what’s not clear, what you still want to know, etc) by leaving a comment! And if you take action based on this video, please share your experience and […]

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