Why is this program important NOW when sales are down?


I would say that now is THE critical time. Implementing the system is particularly important in this economy for 2 main reasons. 1) With the system it will become clear where you can cut people and have the least effect on productivity, lead-times, and due date performance; and 2) If you have a market constraint then it is paramount that you improve your due date performance and reduce your lead-times so that you can capture more market share. This will be particularly effective as your competitors cut people, and get worse on due date performance and lead-times.

And if you haven’t experienced any of the negative effects yet, GREAT, but it may be coming. The NTMA Winter Business/Customer Forecast for 2009 for the special tooling and machining sectors tracked by NTMA are as follows:

· Tools & Dies -15%

· Molds -12%

· Special Machines -17%

· Precision Machining -15%

· Aerospace Machining & Fabrication -10%

Blaming the economy is easy. Taking charge and improving your operations so that you can reduce operating expenses while simultaneously reducing lead-times and improving due date performance takes work. But if you’re willing to do it the payoff is big — you can take market share and be in a good position to acquire competitors because YOU will be in a better cash position.

Our clients’ sales and profits have either flattened (worse case) or are still increasing RIGHT NOW. We have also helped them prepare a letter to enquire about purchasing their competitors. They are not only ready for the downturn, but they are positioned to really fly when things turn.

I hope you will join our family of machine shops who are thriving!

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