Theory of Constraints Results, Case Study


By Dr Lisa Lang

The rock stars at Cavaform International LLC proved that Velocity Scheduling System based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and Drum Buffer Rope WORKS!  After just 2 months Cavaform experienced a 2.6 X improvement in pieces shipped.  

Ship Double

Cavaform International LLC Doubles Output in less than 2 months

I received another update at the end of April showing the results continued.  The units shipped went down by a few units but this was due to working fewer hours.  But their productivity/efficiency actually continued to improve. 

Cavaform Doubles Productivity with Velocity Scheduling System

Cavaform Doubles Productivity with Velocity Scheduling System

So Cavaform has successfully uncovered capacity allowing them to substantially improve their due date performance.  From the data you can see that they did cut the time through their shop by more than half.  I haven’t asked them about the 3rd promise of VSS, chaos reduction, but I suspect that has also reduced.  I mean, they had time to send me this data.  

Cavaform International concentrates on close tolerance injection molds and mold components for the plastics industry. Cavaform builds molds for the medical, lab disposables, home and personal care, packaging, writing instruments and cosmetic markets. Cavaform also specializes in Catheter tipping tool dies where ultra precision and high polish is required! 

 So if you need a new tool or a replacement, why would you go to the vendor that’s going to over promise and UNDER deliver when you could go to Cavaform?  Seems to me that Cavaform is the clear choice.

And Cavaform has also proved another thing I preach — that efficiency is an effect and NOT a prerequisite to improved performance.

Have you done the math?  What their ROI might be on the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program?  What would yours be if you doubled your output?

So what are YOU waiting for?  Think you’re s00o different this won’t work for you?  Maybe (and you can evoke the guarantee), but what if it does work for you?  Check out the FAQs and then if you still have questions, drop me line, pick up the phone, leave a question in the comment box, but don’t just wonder.

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