Theory of Constraints Results After 1 Year


By Dr Lisa Lang

You may remember these graphs from some reported results (a testimonial) on job shop scheduling below.

The Velocity Scheduling System helps this machine shop get on time!

The Velocity Scheduling System helps this machine shop get on time!

Jobs spend less time in the shop -- job velocity increases!

Criterion ships more $ with the Velocity Scheduling System!

Well I just got an update from Tanya. Here it is:

SUBJECT: Our One Year Anniversary
“Welp it’s Criterion’s one year anniversary with the VSB (Velocity Scheduling System) and WE STILL love it!

A few major projects went thru our building: new product launch in Oct- Dec, another new product launch currently under way, reduction of staff thru attrition and increase in work, and in most cases we came thru with flying colors.
Attached is our score card. ”

Accenture just released a report in conjunction with the United Nations Global Compact called “A New Era of Sustainability.” The most significant finding was that 93% of the approximately 1,000 CEOs surveyed from across the globe indicated they believe sustainability is important to their companies’ future success.

So if sustainability is important to you, maybe the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program is a good fit. The Velocity Scheduling System that Tanya uses is based on the Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope. There are 1000s of success stories dating back to the 80s.

Build — Capitialize — Sustain. We agree that sustainability is important. The key is how to achieve it. The answer is simple — the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program.

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My name is Maria Antsygina, TOM-UPI Company, Russia, Yekaterinburg
Our company is going to innovate CCPM – a program with a focus on
implementing Critical Chain Project Management (TOC). So we are very
interested in buying such software which will help us to do it.
TOM-UPI is a company-contractor in air-conditioning and ventilation
so we need such software which will be able to provide work in multifunctional application.
Would you be so kind to help me?


Dr Lisa

I will email you some information.


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