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Thanks for your questions, comments and feedback to the special reports and videos.

Video #3 is in the works so stay tuned for that.

As I stated in one of my first emails, I was looking to get your feedback so I could fine tune our system to make sure it was ready to release. And in the process, I would provide you some free content and longer explanations of how you could put The Goal to work in your shop.

In Video #2, I challenged you with the first actions to take if you really wanted to improve your operations — and some of you were even brave enough to take the recommended actions!

The next actions are customized for YOU. And this is where the Coaching Program takes over.

So we are now ready to open registration of the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program! With this system you will

– increase your due date performance
– decrease your lead-time
– and, increase communication while decreasing chaos

And more importantly you will do this WITHOUT a consultant camped in your conference room and certainly without the expense. We will guide you and your team through the steps to achieve these results — and provide the coaching necessary to customize it for your situation.

Why is this important now, when most of us have MARKET CONSTRAINTS? For 2 reasons. First to exploit a market constraint you must have your operations in order — you need to have close to perfect DDP, you need to have shorter lead-times than your competitors, and you need to be able to guarantee these commitments.

And second, if you need to cut people, the system will help you to determine where you can cut and have the least impact on your ability to deliver.

So, if you’re ready to take control and tackle your market constraint, it would be my pleasure to share our experience and provide the system and guidance necessary to make it happen!

To register go to:

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