The Tax Extenders Package signed by President Obama on December 17th, 2010 calls for a two year extension, retroactive to 1/1/10 and through 12/31/11 for the R&D Tax Credit.

The definition of Research and Development (R&D) is much broader than people realize.  Activities and costs associated with developing and/or improving a product or process can potentially generate R&D Tax Credits.

This means that your tuition for the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program may be covered — check with your accountant.

So learn a new way to run and schedule your shop, get on-time, get happy customers, get more customers — and then get a tax credit!  How cool is that!

And even if, for some reason, it doesn’t apply to you.  Velocity Scheduing System Coaching Program is so reasonably priced it may not be worth the effort to look for a writeoff or funding.

Now, the only other question you may have is — Yes, but will Velocity Scheduling System work for me?  Will it work in my my shop with our unique situations and challenges?

I don’t know, because even though over a hundred highly custom job shops have had fantastic success, that doesn’t mean you will.  But I’m willing to investigate it with you.  So if you’d like a private strategy session to discuss your company, your unique scheduling challenges and how/if our scheduling solution will work for you, you can sign up here, there’s no charge:

You’ll need to enter your name and phone number so that we can call you to schedule a time to talk.  I am personally doing these sessions and we will be going deep into YOUR scheduling challenges.  I will hold nothing back and give you my best advice, even if it is that you should NOT sign up for VSS.  Time slots are limited SO SIGN UP NOW!

Dr Lisa

President, Science of Business

P.S. Sign up for the no charge strategy session here:  This is your first step to getting on-time in 2011 and then to getting a tax credit!
P.P.S.  And some states have their own R&D Tax Credit too.  I know Ohio has one, so check with your accountant on that too.  But don’t spend too much time, VSS typically pays back in a couple weeks.  It’s based on the Theory of Constraints Simplified Drum Buffer Rope, and it works FAST!
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