What if we need more help after VSS program completes?


Some companies complete the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program getting great results but know that they can still improve more.  And these companies have requested continued access to the group coaching sessions and on-line content.

If after the 14 week program you want to continue to get support and you want continued access to the on-line content as it gets updated and as new content is added, you can get continued access to the on-line content through our Mastermind Program.  This is not mandatory or necessary, but it is available if you want on-going support, have a new employee, or want someone to hold you accountable.

You can add this option immediately following the completion of your course or at anytime later.  So if one month after you’ve completed your program you have more questions, then this is a great option to get all those questions answered.  And if I’ve added more bonus material or updated the Detailed Planning or VSS Dashboard Excel files you will also have access to those.

In addition, you can also add private sessions during your course or at anytime after.  To read more about the private options, go here:  https://velocityschedulingsystem.com/blog/can-my-team-get-private-coaching/

Once you’ve graduated from VSS you may be invited to join our VSS Mastermind program where we focus on helping you to achieve a 20% return of sales.  More on that later.

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