Custom Plastic Manufacturer implements Drum Buffer Rope


A custom polypropylene sheet and product manufacturer participated in the 14 week Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program that is based on the Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope — but modified for custom job shops and machine shops.  The drum buffer rope method has to be modified for custom job shops and machine shops because their constraint can move week to week or even day to day due to the high mix low volume nature of their business.

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, there are a number of job shop scheduling problems that makes “off the shelf” Theory of Constraints challenging.  But Velocity Scheduling was designed for these tough environments.

Job Shop Whisperer

Here’s what the custom plastic manufacturer had to say:

“You’ve heard of the ‘Horse Whisperer’ well Dr Lisa is the ‘Job Shop Whisperer‘. The Job Shop Whisperer

She has taught us to read the messages that our job shop has been communicating to us all along. Signs that our instincts and training have caused us to ignore.

Many of the things this program asks us to try are counter intuitive, but I would encourage everyone to have faith and try them because the downside risk to trying them is almost nothing.

The program is well thought out. It is structured in such a way that each week you gain insights from observing what is actually happening in your shop. This weekly epiphany is great because your team becomes motivated, inspired and committed to making more changes.

It sounds too good to be true, but it works. Our due date performance is currently tracking at 100%, 3 months in to the program. Our lead times are being maintained at market expectation and we are charging a premium for times that clients want things faster. Our job shop is calm and ordered with almost no visible work in process and our scheduler has cancelled his prescription for angina tablets.

The best part about the system is how easy it is to run and manage. Our team is able to get immediate feedback when things go wrong from simple measurements. The corrective actions required are obvious and have an immediate impact which helps develop peoples understanding. We are much more focused on doing the things that matter and stopping doing the things that don’t.”  Daniel Heerding, Megara

If you’d like to know if your custom job shop or machine shop is a good fit for Velocity Scheduling, watch the job shop scheduling webinar, then sign up for a free private strategy session.  The Job Shop Whisperer aka Dr Lisa will dive deep to determine if your shop is a good candidate for her job shop scheduling program.

The Velocity Scheduling System is one of the best examples of Theory of Constraints in action.  It’s the drum buffer rope concept simplified.  If you’re shop is in need of the Job Shop Whisperer — check out the webinar right now!


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