Job Shop Scheduling Velocity Scheduling System Case Study


Contour Tool did not think it was possible to improve their scheduling  to substantially improve due date performance or ship more with fewer people, but they did just that and more with the Velocity Scheduling System.

Read their full success story and check out their results, here:

This is not your typical drum buffer rope or Theory of Constraints success story.  Contour is a highly custom machine shop with lots of chaos, ever changing customer needs, a moving constraint and in short, an environment where job shop scheduling is tough.

Contour was just featured in Modern Machine Shop and they had this to say about Velocity Scheduling System:

Contour Precision Milling & Machine moved into a brand new facility in 2006. Two years later, that move almost seemed ill-considered. “We lost about 60 percent of our business overnight,” recalls Michelle Reichlin, CEO, about the economic downturn of 2008.

Thanks largely to a new approach to shop-floor scheduling (Velocity Scheduling System), the company is reportedly twice as productive and twice as profitable as it was before the move with less than half the employees (21 versus the 2007 peak of 48). Its average on-time delivery rating is 96 percent. CNC machining equipment on the 20,000-square-foot shop floor in North Ridgeville, Ohio, includes pallet-fed horizontal machining centers and five-axis vertical machining centers. Six new pieces of equipment have been purchased in the past 18 months alone, but debt is controlled, and the company is not highly leveraged, Ms. Reichlin says. She and the rest of the company’s leadership believe themselves better prepared than ever for whatever the future brings.

You can read the full article here:

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