Job Shop Scheduling Success!


I can’t believe we have already had over 100 companies go through or Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program!  Time really does fly.  Who would have thought that custom job shops and machine shops could substantially improve their scheduling WITHOUT an onsite consultant?

That they could substantially improve on time delivery?  That they could substantially reduce the time it takes to get a job through their shop?  And to do it own their own, with just a little of the right guidance, and with a reduction in shop chaos?

They not only read The Goal (by Eliyahu M. Goldratt), they lived it.  They turned their shops around during the 14 week program.  Some had a long way to go (<40% DDP), some were already pretty good (~90% DDP) when we started , but all of them can be proud of what they accomplished.

They were all skeptical when we started, but the results speak for themselves.

We finished off our fiscal year end 10/31….. could have never turned things around w/out the VSS.!!!!!! We finished the year in the black because ‘the board’ helped us focus on FINISHING! The last 6 months also saw a serious improvement in on time delivery, and an increase in the volume of orders thru our building… No job gets lost in the shuffle no matter how longs its in the building… THANK YOU!  Tanya DiSalvo
Criterion Tool


Criterion is a precision machine shop specializing in close tolerance (+/- .0002) Swiss Turning, CNC Turning and CNC Milling of precision components from prototype through production quantities.

Criterion has almost doubled the dollars out the door. If you ship twice as much without hiring anyone or buying any equipment — what happens to your profits?

Want to find out if Velocity Scheduling System will work for you?  Sign up for a free private Strategy Session, where we will discuss your scheduling challenges and go deep to determine the best next step for you.

Criterion was successful because they weren’t satisfied with where they were.  It was not okay to be just okay.  So they did something about it.  And as a result they are more than okay, in fact, they are better than the competition and have created a competitive advantage!


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