Job Shop Scheduling for a Custom Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer


Here’s yet another Velocity Scheduling System testimonial.  This highly custom job shop makes custom material handling equipment.

“We have reduced the time that it takes for a job to go through the shop.  It helped us get control of the schedule, by reducing the scramble of jobs in the shop.  Now we do them in order and everyone in the company knows when to expect a job to be worked on and ready to ship.”  Steve, WI.

If you browse the various VSS testimonials, case studies, and results that custom job shops have reported you’ll discover that none of the VSS clients are making widgets. None of these shops are doing high volume work of the same widgets over and over. One thing that VSS clients have in common is that they do NOT produce the same things over and over again.  While some jobs, may on occasion, repeat for some of them (or they may make a few things to stock), others don’t do any repeat work at all.

Job shop scheduling in a custom manufacturing shop is a challenge, to say the least!  But it is this environment that Velocity Scheduling System was developed for.

You’ll also notice that in some of the testimonials the specific shop is NOT identified.  Why?  Well, Steve in WI and many others don’t want their competitors to know how they’ve managed to gain a competitive advantage.  How is it that they can get more jobs done faster with the same people and resources?  How is it that they’ve improved on time delivery?  How are they more cash flush and more profitable?

To get the results that Steve got or that any of our clients have gotten, you don’t need any job shop scheduling software.  VSS is NOT software.  It is a manual, visual scheduling system.  It will work with any ERP software you may use, no ERP, QuickBooks, Excel or whatever software you’re using now.

By Dr Lisa Lang

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