How much time does it take to implement?


Implementing our system will take some time. However the process is designed to be self resourcing after the first step. This means that by implementing the first step, you should free up some time to do the next step. And by doing the next step you uncover some time which will enable you to do the 3rd step, and so on.

All that being said, there is work to be done. You will be given assignments after each workshop. You will need to do these assignments to get the results. If you don’t think that your team is willing to make the commitment and do what it takes, then this program may not be for you.

So that you can plan your calendar all the session dates and start times are listed at

You should plan for 2 hour sessions for the first 10 and then the remaining sessions are 1 hour.

All the sessions will be recorded so that you can go back and review any sessions again or make up for any missed sessions.

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