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This webinar replay is on exactly how to Get More Jobs Done Faster. It is NOT theory but a specific “how to”. This is the same program recommended by Westinghouse to their vendors and recommened internally to Schlumberger plants.

To participate LIVE in one of these webinars and to get YOUR questions answered, sign up here:

Space is limited to to ensure we get all your questions answered.

(replay no longer available, please sign up for our next webinar)

If you’re looking to  improve your scheduling and you own or run a job shop or machine shop, you don’t want to miss these insights!  This video will be taken down, so watch while you can.

Dr Lisa Lang (know as Dr Lisa) will be your webinar presenter.  She is a Theory of Constraints expert and recently worked for Goldratt Consulting owned by Dr Eliyahu M Goldratt, author of The Goal and father of Theory of Constraints.  Dr Lisa developed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program to hand hold companies through the process of implementing the Theory of Constraints scheduling technique called Drum Buffer Rope.

Leave your questions on Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program and tell me what you thought of the webinar.   Did you like it?  Did it answer any questions for you? CLICK THE COMMENT LINK ABOVE!!

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