Does this system include software?


What you’re seeing in some of the testimonial videos is the Excel template that IS INCLUDED in the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program. We use Excel and/or your current ERP to aid with the Detailed Planning part of the Velocity Scheduling System.

Our Excel template is complete with all the programming your likely to need. You’ll just need to import your raw data into the provided Excel template.

In addition you get our Velocity Dashboard spreadsheet for tracking all the key metrics to ensure your profitable and stay on track.

And, we are working on software that would interface w/ your ERP or quoting system to make the detailed planning easier than it would be in Excel. When/if we are successful at creating software that meets my requirements (simplier and easier than Excel) it will be made available to those companies that have completed the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program for a nominal fee.

That being said, software is NOT necessary and by itself will do nothing. The key is to change how you think. If you first change how you think (your patterns) then the right software can make life a little easier.

If you are considering the purchase of an ERP package, I recommend you wait until you complete the program to give you a better idea of which system will best meet your needs.

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Chris Buchan

Hi Lisa,

I am a recent graduate of a supply chain program where I have learned about TOC and DBR as well as change for continuous improvment (POOGI). I have also learned about MPC systems that conventional wisdom permits. I recently turned down a job in my field that uses strait MRP to avoid the inevitable firefighting that looms for a production job that uses no system at all. It is a pure assembly operation where they produce welding reamers. They even assemble wires and other components that make up the subassemblies. They make all of the subassemblies then configure them at the last minute. You and I both know this is affecting their flow. They get away with it now because their volume is low. However they have found some customers that are requesting a significant amount of units in the near future and I am concerned about their stability with this new volume. The reason I am contacting you is that I plan to propose to them in the near future using DBR to protect the system throughput and finish the orders on time, as well as guide their improvement activities. I am a production worker at the moment with the understanding that I will eventually join their management team. My focus is going to be on how to cause the change using the wisdom I learned through the TOC body of knowledge. The help I need from you is on the technical side. I would like to propose to the company a planning software that manages their constraints using excel. There will be a lot of resistance but I think I can handle that slowly. What I need to do to get prepared is get a hold of the scheduling template that you have developed to see if I can simulate what the changes I propose will look like. I would then populate the system with the data and present my recommendation to move forward. Do have a solution or service that I could leverage to prepare for this challenge? If this is not in the scope of your business I truly understand and I will leave it at that.

Kind regards,

Chris Buchan


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