We have a very complex shop. We do on-site work, repairs, maintenance, and new work. How can I be sure VSS will work with that amount of complexity?


By Dr Lisa Lang

Almost everyone who starts thinks that THEIR job shop is too complex and it won’t work for them.  But at the same time, they’ve tried everything else and on the crazy chance that the Velocity Scheduling System can help, they decide to try it. 

First let me give you some idea of the types shops that are DOING the Velocity Scheduling System. 

  • shops that do all repair work
  • shops that do 80% repeat work
  • shops that do all prototypes or all one offs
  • shops that actually do make parts of space ships!
  • shops that do repair
  • shops that work only in-house
  • shops that work off site (on customer sites) and in-house
  • shops that do shutdown work and maintenance
  • shops that just machine and fab new custom complex stuff
  • shops that do some repeat work, do repair, do maintenance, and do completely new stuff
  • shops that do a lot of outside processing (plating, heat treat, coatings, sand blasting, etc)
  • shops that do no outside processing (and some that do it in house)
  • shops that have 15 employees and shops that have 300 employees and lots in between

But what all of them have in common?  They are complex and they have to deal with many of the 9 Challenges.  And, because the Velocity Scheduling System is a COACHING program, we walk you through how to customize it for your situation. 

Don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s Vint Massimini owner of Gulf Engineering.  They do some repeat work, do repair (off site and on site), do maintenance, do completely new stuff, and provide resources for shut downs. 

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/8938148]

Implementing the Theory of Constraints drum buffer rope on your own, in a highly complex enviroment, is tough to do.  However, with experienced guides, the results are  — frankly — unbelievable.

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