Case Study: Job Shop Scheduling in a Reno Machine Shop


 Increased productivity, increased flow and the ability to deliver FASTER than anyone expected (even the employees and most certainly their customers). 

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Read the entire case study here –> AD Hawk Inc Success Story

That’s the headline of this case study.  These claims aren’t usually made in reference to a custom job shop — but that’s exactly what happened.

These results are great in any manufacturing environment, but when you consider that we are talking about low volume, high mix manufacturing (a highly custom job shop) — there results are particularly impressing.

How was all this possible WITHOUT adding people or machines?

Velocity Scheduling System (VSS)

VSS is a visual, manual scheduling board and system that was designed for highly custom job shops and machine shops that operation in a high mix, low volume manufacturing environment.  In this environment your constraint can move week to week or even day to day.

Read the entire case study here –> AD Hawk Inc Success Story

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