Can my team get private coaching?


What about private coaching?


First, every company gets 2 private coaching sessions with Dr Lisa included in the program to ask any questions you may not want to ask in the group coaching.  During these sessions is a good time to really dig into any confidential circumstances you have or to address any buy-in issues that your team is struggling with.

The first private session is done BEFORE you put your Velocity Board up to make sure we are in agreement and heading in the right direction.  This session is required.  Dr Lisa wants to make sure everything is lined out.  The second private coaching session can be done at any time during the 14 week program.

Most, but not all, companies take advantage of the 2nd private session.  Some companies get all their questions addressed with the content videos and during the group coaching sessions.  There is typically tons of time to get all your questions addressed during the group coaching calls, but the second free private coaching session is highly recommended.

Dr Lisa records these free private sessions and provides you a video of each GoToMeeting session.

In addition you are offered other private coaching options and on-site visit options.  But again, these are not necessary to get the results, but some companies prefer the personal attention.  Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program clients are extended these opportunities for additional private help:

  • Additional private coaching with your team via phone and/or GoToMeeting at $750 per hour.  Depending on how long each session takes you can get multiple sessions from each paid hour.
  • $7500/day plus travel for on-site help.
  • $5000 per half day plus travel for on-site help.  And, if we are in your area, then you only pay the incremental travel.  If you’re interested in this option, just let Dr Lisa know and you will be notified if we are in your area.

The majority of past participants in VSS Coaching Program only take advantage of 1-2 of the free private phones/GoToMeeting coaching sessions.  A handful have taken advantage of the on-site coaching.  None of these options are required, but if you and your team prefer a more private environment, we can make that happen.

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