Can I afford it? What does it cost?


Velocity Scheduling System Cost

A price this reasonable is typically only an issue if you don’t get the results.

As you implement our scheduling system you will see your manufacturing lead-time reduce, your due date performance increase, and your work in process decrease (which improves cash flow).

The effect of these improvements is that you have uncovered capacity. You can now do more with what you have. So to have a bottom-line effect you can:

– Sell this additional capacity. By doing that the throughput (Sales – RM & Outside Services) of the additional business goes directly to your bottom-line.

– Or, cut operating expenses without jeopardizing your ability to meet customer commitments. This reduction in fixed costs goes directly to your bottom-line. With our scheduling system, it will be clear where you can cut and have a minimal impact on your operations.

Which of these actions or combination of these actions you take depends on your ability to add sales and your expectation of how you will be impacted by the downturn in the economy. But whatever your situation, implementing our system will allow you to do more with less and to have a bottom-line impact.

Typically our clients pay $75,000.00 plus travel for this kind of consulting help and the ROI is fantastic. However, because we have created a system that does NOT require on site help, you’re only going to pay a fraction of that.

The investment for the Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program is $11,997. You can pay $11,997 now or you can spread your payment over 4 months. You pay $3125 now and $3125 over the next 3 months ($12,500 total). So you can order now and secure YOUR spot  for only $3125.  (There are also some $2500 scholarships available.  To learn more, sign up for your private strategy session –>

How can we do this so inexpensively? There’s no glitz. We did not spend a fortune producing the free PDFs and videos you’ve seen. We will be using simple webinar and conference calling technology. We do not have a huge team to support. We have designed this program to provide you everything that is necessary and sufficient to improve your operations but nothing that is trivial.

Our Guarantee: If you participate in all the sessions (live or recorded), you take at least the first step (cutting WIP) and you didn’t get at least $11,997 in value , you can receive a full refund.

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