Machine Shop gets BIG results with the Velocity Scheduling System


By Dr Lisa Lang

Tanya DiSalvo, President of Criterion Tool & Die, just sent me this email:

Lisa & Brad-

We finished off our fiscal year end 10/31….. could have never turned things around w/out the V V S.!!!!!! We finished the year in the black because ‘the board’ helped us focus on FINISHING! The last 6 months also saw a serious improvement in on time delivery, and an increase in the volume of orders thru our building. We have accepted a long running project, and feel that the self releasing mechanism of “The Board” has allowed us to tackle this type of work effectively while still serving our job shop type customers. No job gets lost in the shuffle no matter how longs its in the building, and the resources (people) have become utility ball players!

I have included a snapshot since May of our numbers.

Jumped back into Mafia Offer training…. Got the itch to know more!!! THANK YOU!

Tanya DiSalvo
Criterion Tool

And here are some of their key meterics:

The Velocity Scheduling System helps this machine shop get on time!

The Velocity Scheduling System helps this machine shop get on time!

Jobs spend less time in the shop -- job velocity increases!

Criterion ships more $ with the Velocity Scheduling System!

Criterion has almost doubled the dollars out the door. If you ship twice as much and you don’t hire anyone or buy any equipment — what happens to your profits?

Tanya is now working on Criterion’s Mafia Offer. Because by implementing the Velocity Scheduling System, they have uncovered capacity. So the next step is to sell that capacity.

If you need to get your operations in order, you can sign up here: www.VelocitySchedulingSystem.comIf registration is closed, you will have the opportunity to get on the waiting list to be notified if there is another session.

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