And MORE Job Shop Scheduling Success!


After completion of the course our on-time delivery has improved from 68% to 95%. Using the VSS principals our goal is 100% by year end!

Tim Merrifield


Overtime has been reduced by 75% while increasing OTD to 95% through this period…

Steve Fleissner


Identifying bottlenecks and decreasing work in process definitely helped improve throughput.



We decreased the time it takes to get a job to get thru the shop. Using the visual VSS board gives all the employees a chance to see what is going on.

John Popescu


The program has helped reduce the chaos in our shop. The communication has dramatically improved to help the work flow through the shop.

Overton Industries


Velocity Scheduling is an amazing program. It teaches you about your process, helps you find out what are the major issues and focuses on one common goal for everyone, improving flow.



Our business has suffered from low sales for a number of months. A business review recommended that we install a visual job scheduling system that could be understood and implemented by the shop floor employees. The VSS system satisfied this admirably. The large display is very clear and it is obvious to see the jobs that are progressing, delayed, late, etc. It has changed the focus to completing jobs rather than starting jobs that then progress slowly because of the backlog of work in process. The supervisors were doubtful at first about whether this system would work but were willing to try it out to achieve some improvements. The reduction in time required to complete a job has now been translated into our quoting system so that I can quote a lower number of hours to complete the task, hence a lower price for the customer which gives more sales and a higher throughput. More improvements will happen as our sales increase. Do I want to give away my competitive advantage and tell other shops of how to achieven more work faster? – Not likely!

Rob Mantach


Upon implementing the VSS, we noticed the following benefits: reduced WIP by more than 50%, learned we can do more with much less, and we increased visibility for project management and production that has led to a reduced cash flow cycle and happier customers! I recommend the VSS for any job shop that struggles with managing schedules, inventory, and chaos within the manufacturing environment. If you sign on with Dr. Lisa, she will give you the tools you need to get it under control and achieve outstanding results. Thank you, Dr. Lisa!

Matt Groves

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