30 Job Shops Improve Scheduling


30 Job Shops Improve Scheduling

By Dr Lisa Lang

In 2009 we significantly improved the scheduling and operations of 30 custom job shops and machine shops. These 30 shops improved due date performance (DDP) to at least 97%, reduced lead-time by 50%, all while improving communication and reducing chaos. Isn’t it time for YOU to do the same?

Here’s an email that I was copied on just yesterday. It’s from one of my VSS clients to someone he is recommending the course to:


This is the best system for Manufacturing that I have encountered. This is our next step in the cables shop and covers the entire value stream.

It is a web based course that you take 2 hours twice a week for a month and the person walks you through your specific implementation and helps you through the problems.

We are currently finishing the training and building the new board.

Trust me I have seen and implemented many JIT, Lean Six Sigma systems in the past and this is the best.

I have copied Dr. Lisa the creator and facilitator of the program. She is top notch. As well I am attaching one of her free reports on how the system compares with other systems.


Luis Fernandez
Manufacturing Engineer IPC-Cables

It’s amazing what can happen when a team of people participate together and acquire a shared vision.
And did I mention that 3 of the companies participating in group 5 were from multi-BILLION dollar conglomerates?
And 4 of the companies in group 5 were Westinghouse vendors because Westinghouse recommended their vendors sign up?
I just laid out my recommendations, the logic and provided a little motivation.  They did all the work.  The Velocity Scheduling System Coaching Program is based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.  So if you ever wanted some guidance putting The Goal (and Drum Buffer Rope) into action, now’s the time!

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